Etholvants Explorer


The MNM Token site is in no way affiliated with the Etholvants project. I am an Etholvant token holder and I wanted a way to explore the evolution of my tokens so I created this page. This page is for entertainment purposes only and I make no guarantee about the accuracy of anything.

This page is still very beta and more features will be added soon. If you find this page useful please look around and buy an MNM NFT if you see one that you like. This page is currently free to use but in the future it may require you to be a holder of an MNM NFT.

Etholvants Stats

Color Experiment

Show Colors

This enables an experimental feature that I created to show what Etholvants could look like with colors.

Your Etholvants

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To view your Etholvants you must connect your wallet by clicking the button in the top right corner.


Watch how your Etholvant has evolved or will evolve in the future if it is staked long enough.


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